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Manned Security Services. Security Guards, Door Supervisors and Event Security in Warrington, Manchester, Liverpool, and across North West England. Also Mobile Patrols, Close Protection, Security Drivers and Motorcycle Escorts. Security Staff are SIA licenced, fully insured, screened and vetted. Self defence and first aid trained.

Professional Hotel Security

Running a hotel is not an easy business. Hotel management has a seemingly endless task of getting customers booked, settled in, and making sure they are happy before they leave, only to do this over and over again. Then there is hiring and training staff members as to how the business is run. Plus there are repairs, maintenance, room upgrades and so on.

One of the biggest jobs of hotel management, though, is securitising the facility, protecting customers, visitors and staff, and protecting the property. With people coming and going all night and literally thousands of access keys out at a time that can get people in and out of the building, hotel security can be a Herculean task.

That is why many hotels hire experienced security firms that have expertise when it comes to hotel security. Security guards that understand the nuances of hotel security, like identifying danger areas and posting security cameras there, knowing the best times to patrol, and understanding the importance of customer service, can totally diminish the added burden of security for hotel managers. There are many reasons to hire a professional security firm that has experience with hotel security.

Here are the top 7 reasons why you should consider hiring security for your hotel:

  • To prevent or limit property damage
  • To prevent crimes from being committed in less populous areas or during off hours
  • To routinely and visibly patrol, which could deter criminals from even considering your hotel or motel
  • Protect residents and staff
  • Emergency response
  • To monitor and maintain the integrity of key card access
  • To help train staff in safety measures

As hotel managers, the safety and welfare of residents must be a top priority, but the fact is, not many are skilled or experienced in regards to securitising hotels or motels. This is not a problem you can go back and fix once an issue arises. If a crime takes place in your hotel or someone gets hurt on property you are responsible for or damage is done to the property you cannot go back and undo things.

Don’t chance the welfare of your customers, your staff or the property you are responsible for. Hire skilled professional hotel security and clear your plate for more important matters, like making your residents happy! If you own or operate a hotel in Manchester or the Cheshire area, or in North West England, contact Spartan 24 Hour Security today. 

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Hotel Security

Events in the last twelve months have demonstrated to dramatic effect that terrorists are increasingly selecting soft targets to commit their atrocities. The reality is that these locations, which include hotels, holiday resorts and tourist areas, are hard to secure.

Hotel security management – the risks
Terrorists and other criminals exploit any weakness, with lone or small team attacks using well-planned tactics and weapons. Add to this the extensive media coverage that successful perpetrators receive, as well as the devastating effects on the country’s economy and a high-profile governmental response, and they make an even more attractive target.

Developing hotel security management
As a result, hotels are developing and improving systems for assessing risk and implementing security. It has always been a trade-off between what is needed and the cost of implementation. However, over the last decade, understanding has grown of why investing in this area is not only beneficial but can lead to more custom and profitability. The hospitality and corporate industry realises that doing nothing can be costlier than investing in security.

As travellers become more aware of potential risks, it is encouraging to see some hotels and resorts have responded to possible threats to their business, staff and guests by bringing in outside experts to test and advise on security shortfalls within their estates.

The main challenge, of course, is that hotels are public places: it is almost impossible to check every piece of luggage coming in and out. Coupled with this, hotel management does not want the hotel to look like a high-security prison. However, that said, as with many areas in life, “you get what you pay for”. In my view, 4 and 5-star hotels tend to have a better security and safety culture and invest more in this area. A number of chains realise the key to good hotel security is to have better trained staff who are security aware. Over the last few years, high-end hotels and resorts have prioritised this area and have commissioned me or others in my field to review, write and deliver hotel security awareness programs aimed at staff at all levels, as well as reviewing and practising response plans.

Hotel security management – staff vetting
A recurrent area of risk requiring attention is the staff vetting process. Hotels in general tend to rely on large numbers of agency staff to support the hotel functions.

This is a weak point within the hotel security process since some agencies do not vet or train their staff to the same standards as the hotel would itself. Furthermore, some hotels ignore the vetting and checks on staff being supplied. Although all hotels use agency staff at some point, the high-end hotels tend to have a better control and monitoring process for this.

Having the right security manager in place and having a clearly understood and implemented security policy is critical for a hotel group. For example, if a hotel manager wants to override a security manager’s decision or budget, this decision must go through an approval process from the hotel’s head office, so everybody is aware of the risks and mitigation that is required. Having a health and security culture at a hotel is critical and needs to be driven down from the top:

Hotel Security Management and Health and Safety
It is also clear that the corporate world must take more steps to protect its staff when they are out on the road. Of course, some organisations do this very effectively and have a comprehensive security and travel programme, but this is not yet true for them all.

As more atrocities take place against travellers, hotels and resorts with the resulting media coverage, the increasing pressure placed on governments and hotel companies will ensure that hotels continue to improve on overall safety and security.

A dedicated security / safety department.

A safety programme and if they can answer some basic safety questions (remember any security procedures and planning of worth will not be shared in their entirety for security reasons; this is a good thing and not a negative).
A personal view on choosing a hotel in a hostile environment
Although prominent hotels are likely to have a security department and robust risk planning, some international business travellers to hostile environments are choosing more modest hotels. The view is that a less prestigious hotel, possibly outside the city centre or at a distance from well-known and popular locations, will have fewer high-profile guests and western tourists, thereby making it a less attractive target.

Of course, this needs to be part of a full risk assessment and there is no fool-proof way of guaranteeing safety, but perhaps opting for a low profile hotel in high risk areas is a tactic worth considering while the threat remains high.

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Securing Your Apartment

Every apartment renter is beset with an immense number of responsibilities like work, household chores, and family duties, that they’ll inevitably neglect to work on improving their apartment’s security. This neglect renders them painfully vulnerable to burglars waiting for the perfect timing.

Hiding your apartment keys under the mat and leaving the lights and the TV on won’t work anymore. Burglars have become sophisticated enough—thanks to apartment security articles—to see through these simple attempts at security. At this point, even a dog barking alarm won’t be enough to fend them off while you’re away. While less-skilled burglars might be discouraged, the professional ones will eventually figure it out. After all, they could easily verify the apartment building’s policy on allowing pets.

These are some of the many reasons why apartment dwellers, especially first-time apartment renters, should put in the effort to keep their housing unit safe and secure as secretly as possible. No matter how advanced your home security is, once they’re discovered, getting your apartment burgled is only a matter of time.

Think Like a Burglar

For first-time apartment renters, their first line of apartment defense should always be prevention and the only way to get the best kind of prevention is to put yourself in the shoes of an intruder and answer questions they will ask themselves: “What should I look for when attempting a successful intrusion?” Most of the time, they’ll be looking for easy accessibility and escape routes that allow them to quickly blend in.

Using this line of thought, installing peepholes, replacing door locks, installing window latches, and removing the unit number from your keys will considerably lower the chances of your apartment from being intruded. Installing sturdier doors and stronger bolts will prevent intruders from merely kicking their way into your apartment. Deprive intruders of the luxury of a good escape route by installing good light bulbs that flush out potential hiding places. Properly lock your apartment’s fire escape ladder to keep it from the ground where intruders can easily use it as their entrance and their escape. Don’t forget to swing by an alarm system store and purchase an intruder alarm system. Use stellar services that monitor alarm home system for a quick emergency response against intruders and other home danger like fire.

All these should be done simultaneously for two reasons: people will think you’re merely doing general home improvement and it deters intruders when they find out that you regularly maintain your home.

This thinking is what makes prevention a great idea, it allows you to move freely around your home when you’re actually protecting your home in secret.

Think Outside the Box

People tend to keep their precious jewellery and other valuables stored in a single place, making it easy for burglars to take them all in one fell swoop. By exploiting the apartment renter’s faulty tendencies, burglars can quickly steal their belongings by focusing on looking for the usual rooms and storage items used when hiding valuable belongings.

Counter this by giving the burglars a dose of their own medicine: place your valuable items in places they won’t expect, like thick books, empty cans of Pringles or hairspray, and unused devices like stereos and game consoles. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can put your jewelry in a Ziploc bag, roll it tightly, and insert it inside a thick vegetable like cabbage. If you’re keen on throwing off intruders, store fake jewellery in a place where they’ll likely find it. Considering that burgling attempts should be executed quickly, it will be too late when they find out that the jewellery they stole is fake.

Think Like a Spy

When it comes to security, installing surveillance gadgets is a necessity, that’s why it’s the most common item you’ll find in an alarm system store. While discreet installation of surveillance gadgets requires the same outside-the-box thinking used in hiding your valuables in plain sight, when it comes to surveillance, your focus should be on getting the most view and ample lighting for an optimised view of the surroundings.

Use everyday items to your advantage when it comes to properly placing your surveillance cameras in secret. In the living room, you can install the surveillance gadget behind a clock or the TV. When positioned correctly, you can hide it in a plant pot, too. In the bedroom, you can secretly secure your camera on your nightstand, bookshelf or lamp. You can also use clothes on a hanger as cover.

Keeping your kitchen room under surveillance is a little bit tricky, but you can always place the camera inside a stuffed toy and place it in a high place with great lighting and viewing scope. If this isn’t possible, using a kitchen mirror will work, too. Coupled with one of the best home alarms, which sounds off the moment it detects suspicious movement through your surveillance cameras, this home security combination is surely topnotch, given that home alarm systems cost cheaper than losing your jewelry, appliances, and other valuable items.

Think Hi-Tech

By now, most apartment owners have a smart device in one way or another. Whether it’s a smartphone or a tablet, these devices sure make a lot of things convenient without compromising a user’s mobility. This tremendous benefit led to people spending more time on their smart devices. Given this tendency, it’s a smart idea to integrate mobile device dependence with home security, like the recommended security system for a smart home, Honeywell Total Connect.

By using a technological edge in secret, first-time renters can venture outside their apartment without worrying, since several burglar alarm systems allow users to remotely check on their home and manage their home security from anywhere. Another benefit is the real-time alerts sent via text message or email on a regular basis, or whenever somebody’s breaking into your home and attempting to tamper with your system. Best of all, smartphone-integrated home security systems allow you to actually see what’s going on inside your home via live video feeds.

Since intruders can now deal with pet security like the back of their hands, and you can try catching them off-guard with advanced apartment security devices like drones. A smartphone-controlled security drone concept named CUPID is a state-of-the-art drone that fires taser darts charged with 80,000 volts and only activates when an alarm is triggered, making it a perfect addition to your secret home security arsenal. It also sends out live video feeds and requires a user prompt before it takes on the intruder, keeping it safe from accidentally firing non-intruders.

Keep the technological edge in your favor by securing a DIY drone armed with features of your choice. This way, you get to have fun while knowing that you have an ace security gadget that will catch intruders by surprise.

By committing these approaches to heart, first-time renters can be sure that their home is thoroughly safe and secure from intruders without revealing the home security aces up their sleeve. Apartment renter or not, always to remind yourself to be vigilant when it comes to home security regardless of how busy you are and to always make sure that you’re a step ahead of the intruders and their ever-improving burgling attempts by harnessing the powers of technology.

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Spartan 24 Hour Security provide fully trained, SIA licensed security staff and personnel for a range of functions at venues throughout the UK, including weddings.

Every couple deserves to enjoy a wedding day full of love and laughter. With so much thought, time, energy and preparation behind your day, you want safeguards in place to make sure that your wedding goes to plan, from start to finish.

We work with you to create a truly bespoke wedding security package. Our SIA licensed staff will be unobtrusive on your big day but perform a range of functions that ensure your day goes off without a hitch.

Larger weddings are common and with so many family members, friends and guests gathered at a venue, there are both security and logistical issues that need solving.

Wedding security is a must for large-scale nuptials, especially for celebrities and other prominent members of society. But our security staff also provide solutions to logistical problems too.

At Spartan 24 Hour Security, our team are on hand to provide a quick, response to diffuse potentially dangerous situations, to protecting valuables to ensuring that only those with an invite attend your big day and celebrations.  

Ever-vigilant, our discreet team will make sure that every guest enjoys themselves.

We provide a number of services, a combination of which we can provide on your big day;

• First aid
• Health and safety, including ongoing risk assessment
• Evacuation and emergency planning and procedures
• Control access to your wedding celebrations, including evening reception
• Front of house security
• Open-air security techniques, perfect for summer weddings
• Incident reports
• Liaise with emergency services, if needed

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