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Manned Security Services. Security Guards, Door Supervisors and Event Security in Warrington, Manchester, Liverpool, and across North West England. Also Mobile Patrols, Close Protection, Security Drivers and Motorcycle Escorts. Security Staff are SIA licenced, fully insured, screened and vetted. Self defence and first aid trained.

Manchester Door Supervisors

Manchester is a city that never sleeps and it is famous for its exceptionally vibrant nightlife which is not limited to weekends. With the crime rate at an all- time high in the city and entertainment facilities under constant threat of terrorism, ensuring the safety and security of customers at bars, nightclubs and restaurants is the primary responsibility of a business owner. People visit nightclubs and bars to have a good time with friends, however, sometimes certain unfortunate incidents can occur which are unpleasant for your customers and bad for business. If you are a business owner operating in the hospitality industry then you need to ensure adequate night club security in London for your customers.

In order to ensure a pleasant experience, we suggest hiring the professionals for security at your business premises. Spartan 24 Hour Security offers SIA licensed Door Supervisors for nightclub security in Manchester. We have been in the security business for a long time and have extensive experience in nightclub security. Our guards are trained for crowd control and management, mobile patrols and reception duty. They can effectively and respectfully handle vulnerable persons. We remotely monitor our staff 24/7 through a state of the art control room, so you can rest assured that your security needs are taken care of.
In addition to that we have got you covered for the installation of security systems as well.

Get in touch:

If you are on the lookout for night club security in Manchester, then look no further than Spartan 24 Hour Security. You can get in touch with us by calling us at TEL: 07874014305. You can email us anytime on the following address: You can also get in touch with our customer care by filling out the online form available on our website and they will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Birthday Party Security North West England

Can you imagine the shame and frustration of their children the next day at school?

I certainly don’t want to be in the shoes of the parents when facing their neighbours and other children parents. Although you may think your raise your children to behave, when it comes to security you can never be too prepared. Don’t get mislead by teenagers when you’re hosting a party. They can easily get carried away especially under the influence of alcohol and turn a wonderful party into a disaster. Memories warm you up from the inside. Therefore, your children, their guest, and families need to look back at your party to be remembered as a huge success.

If you’re hosting a party on your property for your children, there are some things to consider in preparation of the great event. Before anything let’s have a look at the following 5 steps when hosting a teenagers birthday party.

Ask your child to make a guest list in alphabetical order. A Door Supervisor will ensure that only those on the list are granted access. On top of that, such an event will hardly go unnoticed. So a list of who’s invited will prevent a gatecrash.
Provide a table at the entrance for security officers to check the guest belongings for any concealed alcohol.

Limit the access into the house. According to the layout of your house, you can grant access straight into the garden, avoiding the main entrance. Lockup all the rooms to refrain access. If the budget allows you can also set up a marquee for refreshments, foods, and dancing in the garden. Hire portable toilets. Surely you don’t want anyone to urinate on your garden or on your flowers.

On top of that there’s other cautions  you need to take advice when organising such event. For example if you hire a DJ, ensure you read some reviews and get good recommendations. Ideally find someone who has a professional website or Facebook page. A friend of a friend who knows a DJ isn’t enough. The reason why I am mentioning this is because some called DJ’s may try to smuggle illegal drugs. Teenagers can be easily influenced into consuming such substances. Not only that they can ruin the party, but they can ruin their life.

Another thing to consider is to have in handy phone number of every child parents. In case of an emergency, like their child getting intoxicated it is advised to call the legal tutor for support.

How many security do you need?

As a precaution two security should be at the main entrance to meet and greet the guest and perform the vetting procedures. If some children decide to kick off, two security will need to break it up and gently calm the situations.

Posted 20 weeks ago

Event Security UK

Running an event is usually a logistic nightmare. There are plenty factors to be considered when organizing and delivering a successful event. We know that working on a big project can lead to accidently compromised safety aspects, which can turn your event into chaos. Ability to maintain public safety, access control, crowd control, risk awareness, conflict management and friendly atmosphere are only some of the qualities you would expect to come as standard.

Spartan 24 Hour Security specializes in all areas of crowd safety, crowd management, event security and stewarding. We supply operatives to all types of events across the UK..

Our expertise allows our clients to get on with the job of creating great entertainment without having to worry about what their audience is going to do. The audience enjoy themselves and the event organizer knows that audience is in safe hands with the expertise of Spartan 24 Hour Security.

Front Of House Security

Meeting and greeting customers, or keeping a low-profile (in uniform or plain clothes), we’re on watch. Our Front of House Security can blend seamlessly with your staff or stand out, be it for reassurance or as a deterrent.

Whatever the point of entry, our officers are trained to search people, their bags, their rucksacks and hatchbacks. Spartan 24 Hour Security can provide welcoming and attentive concierge services, too, for hotel and residential situations, at times to suit you.

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SIA Door Supervisors North West

Door Supervisors can often be the difference between a venue which is successful and one which is struggling to attract the right type of customer. If you and your venue are looking for SIA Approved door supervisors North West, then welcome to Spartan 24 Hour Security.

Door Supervisors are the first people that customers and guests will see upon entering a venue. They ensure that all proceedings go well, minimising conflict and dealing with any potential threats to the safety of others, and the smooth operation of your venue.

All of our Door Supervisors undergo BS7858 vetting procedures and operate to BS7960 standards – as well as continued development – ensuring only appropriate personnel will be deployed at any venue.

With years of experience and a large existing client base, we are a well established provider of door supervisors North West. Our officer’s assignment documentation is comprehensive and includes: health & safety risk assessment, health & safety policy, security objectives, duties & responsibilities, emergency procedures, hours of cover and assignment report sheets.

Spartan 24 Hour Security also conduct regular venue audits which comply with our ISO9001:2008 standards to ensure the client continues to receive the highest standard of service possible.

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